CSS Basics for 54/11 option

(deferred under age 55)

This webinar helps members to understand their CSS defined benefit scheme from contributing through to accessing their benefit if aged under 55

Items covered include:
  1. Overview

  2. Defined benefits

  3. Accumulation

  4. Aged based

  5. Super salary

  6. Part time work

  7. 54/11

  8. The statement

  9. Accessing the benefit

  10. Resignation

  11. Retirement

  12. Non Indexed Pension

  13. Benefit of supplementary contributions

  14. Taxation

  15. Death and residual values


Webinar Number: PSS04
Webinar Price: $25.00 AUD
(to be paid at time of date confirmation)
Webinar Duration: 60 Mins
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