PSS Defined Benefits Workshop

PSS Defined Benefits Workshop


Format: live online webinar



This is not simply a webinar to explain the rules of the PSS.

This is a workshop to enable you to fully understand:

  • What your current PSS benefits are
  • What would extra contributions do?
  • Should you pay down your mortgage or contribute more to the PSS?
  • What effect would working Part Time have?
  • When can I actually leave?
  • What will my net take home income be in retirement at the various age brackets?
  • What would go to my children if I die early?
  • Lump Sum verses the pension, it is not always straight forward
  • What can I expect if I get offered a redundancy?
  • Long Service leave, Resignation, Preservation, Invalidity and Marriage Split


You will finish the session with all the tools to be able to regularly update your situation without having to refer to the iEstimator.


The webinar will run for a minimum of two hours with time for all questions.