Format: live online webinar

7pm AEST - TBA


This webinar is designed to assist those to understand issues like:



  • What is the TBC ( Transfer Balance Cap)?
  • What impact does the change in value of the TBC have for me?
  • Understanding  the pro rata increase in the TBC
  • The APV (Accumulated Phase Value) and ramifications of exceeding this cap for contributions
  • The TSB (Total Superannuation Balance)
  • Impact on future pensions and lump sums
  • Taxation on defined benefit pensions over $100,000 per annum
  • New concessional caps
  • New non-concessional caps
  • Defined benefits contributions and the notional value for salary sacrifice
  • Exceeding concessional and non-concessional caps
  • Strategies to assist those with large superannuation balances


This session will run over an hour and I will allow plenty of time during and after for your questions.