The Business:

The aim of the Money Study is to provide unbiased diverse and practical financial information to assist in the financial literacy of Australians right across the country. The business is not associated with any bank, super fund, credit union, Government Agency or any other Financial Services Company. There are no hidden commissions paid, nor are any kickbacks received. The information provided is NOT a sales pitch to purchase ongoing services, books or software.

The Money Study is a one-man business with no additional staff. I am an experienced and qualified financial professional with a commitment and a desire to provide independent financial information in an inexpensive and casual atmosphere. I believe questions are an integral part of the process and I believe I can present the information in an easy to understand way without confusing the situation with too much jargon.


I have worked as a Financial Planner with a number of larger institutions and banks but have always been dismayed by the conflict of interest, trailing commissions and bonus arrangements that these organisations still maintain.


I will not present you with a detailed financial plan but nor will I charge you thousands of dollars. I simply operate with a flat fee of $240 for an hour one on one meeting which I generally find will suffice for most people. I will assist you to understand your options, strategies available, the pros and cons and tell you what you can do but never will I tell you what to do. You will make the decision based on the information you derive from the meeting and any other material I may suggest you read or investigate.


If you believe you did not benefit from the meeting then I simply will not charge you.


My specialty is superannuation especially the Defined Benefit Funds like the PSS and CSS. (I worked as an educator for the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation for 4 years.) I am though happy and capable to talk about your investment portfolios, investment properties, insurances and any other financial issues you may have.


I also have a Diploma and a personal interest in Technical Analysis of the markets and I utilise this experience where appropriate.


I hope I can assist you and I look forward to confirming details with you.


Malcolm Tew