One on One Meeting

Even though Malcolm is a qualified financial planner with over a decade of experience as a planner, in this role he is an educator. Malcolm believes it can be more beneficial to understand your options and learn how to evaluate these options than simply pay a planner to be told what to do. His one on one meeting service helps you to take steps to increase your financial literacy for all facets of your financial  situation.
Book your “One on one” meeting with Malcolm to learn and discover methods to understand:
- Your cash flow
- Your superannuation
- Your retirement options
- The best use of spare cash flow
- Salary sacrifice verses paying down the mortgage
- How to increase your wealth
- The paperwork involved in retirement
- Investments –shares, property
- Insurances and estate planning
- Any financial topic that interests you
An one hour session costs $220
Interstate visits will be possible dependent on demand or the one on one sessions can be carried out remotely via Skype or our webinar software.
Malcolm Tew, The Money Study, Financial Coach, CSS and PSS Specialist