Accelerated Wealth Course

Are you interested in registering for my  “Accelerated Wealth Course”


This course will step you through the processes to understand:


  • How to make money when the market falls (or rises)

  • When to buy and when to sell

  • How to lock in profits with trailing stops

  • Read a chart and recognize good potential investments

  • Shorter term investing to take advantage of the market’s ups and downs

  • Risk vs reward (Knowing your risk before investing/trading

  • Understanding the benefits and downside of leverage (CFD’s)

  • Trends and Dow Theory

  • Support, resistance, patterns  and useful indicators that everyone should know

  • How to set up an account, buy and sell and keep track of your progress.

  • Actual strategies and system trading



This course is designed to start at the very beginning and no prior knowledge is required. Questions will be encouraged throughout.


The course is ideal for anyone of any age who simply wants to educate themselves about alternative investment strategies.


There will be  follow up advanced sessions available later for anyone who participates in this fundamental course.


I am limiting the number of participants to 20 people to keep the sessions personalised.


I have attended many “get rich quick” and Trading courses over the years and most of them were not educational but were simply sessions to sell you their software, their recommendations or ongoing support.


I can guarantee you I will not be selling you anything except my time and knowledge.

Two options are available for course attendees:


1. A Six week course, dates to be announced.

2. A two day intensive course, dates to be announced.

Cost is $550 for either option.


For those of you who live interstate I am offering the same course as a regular evening webinar (dates to be finalised depending on interest).


If you are interested or would like further information