Don’t need a full hour appointment with me?

Just have one or two quick questions to ask?

Perhaps you have one aspect of your financial situation you would like explained in some detail?

Then you can utilise the ASK JAMES email service.

Simply send your questions via this ASK JAMES form below and I will generally have an answer back to you within 3 working days.

When asking your question please provide the following information with your question:

  1. Age (ideally date of birth)

  2. Which super fund you are in and your contribution rate if Super related question

  3. Working Full time or part time?


You may wish to scan the associated document (like your super statement) to assist me with your question if you believed that would help.


Quick questions that can be answered in a paragraph $25

More complex responses will be charged a pro rata amount of my standard hourly meeting rate of $240, for example $60 for 15 minutes of my time.

You will receive an invoice via email once my answer has been sent.

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