Estate Planning

This webinar covers all the important issues when considering your estate. Will your assets go to the right people when you die? Do you have a complicated family structure or do your beneficiaries have special needs. It also looks at the benefits from having a Power of attorney, do you have one? Do you have Guardianship arrangements for your children should you die?

Items covered are:

• Wills
• The Executor
• The beneficiaries
• What constitutes an asset?
• Superannuation considerations
• Splitting the estate
• Using insurance to balance the estate and offset Will clauses
• What to do with beneficiaries with special needs including situations of drug dependency,     gamblers, bankrupts or those in unstable relationships
• Testamentary Trusts
• Power of Attorney (Enduring or not?)
• Guardianship for children

Webinar Number: EF02
Webinar Price: $25.00 AUD
(to be paid at time of date confirmation)
Webinar Duration: 60 Mins
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