What is a webinar and what can I expect when I register?

A webinar is simply a seminar run online.

The following steps will guide you through the procedures and what you can expect:
1. Choose your Topic
2. Register at the register page
3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a selection of available course dates and times, a link to the webinar room and payment information.
4. During the registration you will provide a user name which will be used during the webinar by the presenter to answer questions you may ask, other attendees will only see this name ( The name can be real or a pseudonym)
5. Following registration you will receive a confirmation email providing you with a password to allow access to the webinar on your selected topic and date as well as the necessary link to the webinar.
6. On the day of the webinar use the link ideally 5 to 10 minutes prior to the webinar commencement to ensure access.
7. You will need headphones or speakers connected to your computer to hear the presentation, you will not need a microphone.
8. Once the webinar commences you will be able to hear the presenter and see his slides or computer screen as well as any webinar facilities on your computer
9. Anytime throughout the presentation you can ask questions by typing them into the space provided on your screen
10. You will then hear the presenter answer your question live for you ( and all attendees)
11. Plenty of time will be available for questions throughout and after the presentation
12. Should you wish to repeat the same webinar again at any date in the future, your registration will be free for 3 repeat sessions. You will however be provided with a new password and link each time.
13. If you wish to view the exact same webinar a soft copy of the webinar is available for purchase at a discounted rate.
14. A soft copy of the webinar slides will be e-mailed to you at the conclusion of the webinar.
15. We will also provide you with updates and fact sheets on your topic as they become available.
16. The webinars have limited capacity so book early to avoid missing out.