Superannuation – The Transition and Retirement Phases

This is a seminar for those closing in on retirement or perhaps who are already there. It looks at strategies to assist a smooth transition and options to create an appropriate income for your retirement. This is NOT a defined benefits specific seminar but a general retirement seminar for accumulation funds like PSSap, Australian Super, Hostplus and State Plus

It will cover topics like:

  • Having a retirement plan

  • How much have you got and how much will you need?

  • Income streams – Annuities and Account Based Pensions

  • How long will your money last?

  • Transfer Balance Caps

  • Pensions or lump sums?

  • When could/should I retire?

  • Centrelink Payments and Eligibility

  • Investment options in retirement

  • Transition to Retirement strategy

  • Reverse Mortgages

Next course TBA

Cost: $90